Hippa to the Hoppa for MadWorld.

My most anticipated game at the moment is by far MadWorld for Wii. Announced last week at a Sega press event, Madworld is an action game noted for its over-the-top comic violence, stylized graphics (mostly black and white with red blood ala Sin City) and the incredible talent behind it. Developer Platinum Games consists of a group of designers that were responsible for some of the most original games of last generation, like Atsushi Inaba (Viewtiful Joe, Okami), Shinji Mikami (killer7, Resident Evil 4) and Hideki Kamiya (Okami, creator of Devil May Cry). Here’s the first trailer for MadWorld:

Sure to be excellent, bloody stuff, but one detail caught my eye at the end of an interview that I almost didn’t bother to read. Designer Shigenori Nishikawa mentioned to MTV that the game’s score will be primarily hip-hop and named Kanye and Jay-Z as his personal favorites. Damn! But what kind of hip-hop would befit MadWorld? Rap music is right at home in the urban setting of Grand Theft Auto IV and in any basketball game, but is there anything that wouldn’t feel totally out of place in a stylized Japanese action game? Something tells me RZA would be down; just tell him chess is involved.

via MTV Multiplayer

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