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It’s the summertime, and Pete Rock’s production has never sounded better. All I feel like doing these days is breaking out The Main Ingredient and chilling in the sun. So I’ve compiled a list of links related to the great producer.

Flood has a dope mix of Pete instrumentals, ’92-’94, which he rightfully proclaims as the producer’s golden period. If it’s warm where you are, get an iced tea and listen to this in the sun.

Dan at From Da Bricks has a shorter mix, blending Pete productions with original samples and interviews with Soul Brother #1. Click the link for the full track listing. (zshare link)

Bonus: Rafi clowns blog readers in a post linking to the mix. The comments are golden.

Robbie interviews Pete

Cipha Sounds goes behind the boards with the Chocolate Boy Wonder on Shade 45

Pete Rock guests on Juan Epstein

Kurupt rips a Pete treat. Yessir!

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