I think he’s missing the point.

Donny Goines offers his point of view on the Rick Ross fiasco… without mentioning Rick Ross. This has to be one of the most ignorant video’s I’ve ever seen. Dude takes out his extensive criminal history report and goes over it on camera. Then dude basically says that rappers who talk about crimes (like Ross) are fake, while rappers who do crimes (like Him) are cool and never talk about doing dirt .

I don’t know when people stopped thinking that this is an entertainment business. Do I care if Ross talks about being a drug dealer? No. Do I care if he was really a corrections officer? No. Do I care if his songs are good? Yes.

The real message we should get from this whole Ross thing is that kids shouldn’t look at these rappers and think that they can be sucessful from a life of crime. Selling drugs doesn’t make you cool. Going to jail doesn’t make you rich and powerful. Lying about going to jail and selling drugs makes you cool, rich, and powerful.

Who cares if some dudes in jail think you aren’t real? They’re in fucking prison!

Dead to the fucking world.

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  1. JK

    I agree with your sentiment. That it doesn’t really matter who is “real” and who isn’t. But when you vehemently deny being who you were and it blows up in your face, I can’t help but laugh.

  2. Rico Tha Kid

    The worst part about it is how he completely contradicts himself, first he says that real criminals don’t go on record and talk about their previous crimes committed and then he goes right to his criminal record…

  3. Scrap

    I’ve been trying to tell people the same shit since the “truth” came out. If anyone actually got their heartbroken by Mr. Ross’ probably not being a drug kingpin, then you my friend are a fool.

  4. esbee

    As much as I blame fans and artists for perpetuating the “look at what I did, that makes me a real dude” aesthetic in hip hop, I can’t help but agree that Ross sort of brought it on himself esp. after it happened. He kept on denying the fact that he really was a CO. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Which is another point that ppl are missing.

    What’s wrong with working for the public or venturing in civil service? Its something that should be praised and commended.

    Problem is rappers walk and talk like they really do what they rhyme about in real life so you can’t blame sites like smokinggun for outing these guys. It’d be different if they (rappers) made it a point to separate their music personas from their real life esp in interviews.

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