Izza Kizza – Kizzaland Mixtape.

Jaleel hit me up with the tracklisting (and the cover, which I dig a lot) yesterday and and mad early in the morning SmokeYYY came through with the link.

1. Intro
2. Flippin In The Rizzide – Produced by Souldiggaz
3. Im The Izza Kizza – Produced by Souldiggaz
4. Millionaire (Preview) – Produced by Koolade
5. Walk The Dog feat. Missy Elliot – Produced by Rich Skillz
6. Wham – Produced by Soul Diggaz
7. Timbo Freestyle
8. Tell Em What My Name Iz – Produced by Trackademics
9. Red Wine – Produced by Koolade
10. Here I Izz – Produced by Souldiggaz
11. Ooh La La (Preview) – Produced by Souldiggaz
12. Livin My Dreams (Preview) – Produced by Lu Balz for Music Ball Ent.
13. Don’t Stop Go! – Produced by Koolade
14. They’re Everywhere – Produced by Koolade
15. Hello – Produced by Christian Rich
16. Me and Keesha (Boy Meets Girl) – Produced by Souldiggaz
17. Testimonial – Produced by Souldiggaz
18. Push – Produced by Souldiggaz
19. Outro
20. Georgie Porgie (Bonus) – Produced by Fitz Da Art Teacha

Download (Zip):  Izza Kizza – Kizzaland

You can place this right along side The Kid Cudi, 88 Keys and Wale, as up and comers’ mixtapes to check out ASAP.

Bonus Video footage from The Fader after the jump.

Izza Kizza shopping for comics:

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