New Wale Interview, talks about debut album.


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DubCNN posted an interview with Wale talking to him about all sorts of topics, most notable thing being  some bits about his upcoming album.

Dubcnn: Which producers can we expect you to work with on your album?
I’ve already done stuff with Just Blaze and Pharrell. Me and Just Blaze are getting close, he’s a real good dude. Pharrell is cool, DJ Toomp, and I got my people from D.C. Best Kept Secret, we did a lot of records together. It’s a lot of people that I’m looking forward to working with, it’s about being able to get with them, that’s a different story. I’d love to get with DJ Premier, but it’s not always easy to get to him.

Dubcnn: Can we expect the album to have the Go Go sound that we’ve been hearing from you?
Yeah, definitely! A lot of Hip-Hop has had Go Go sounds, it’s just that people analyze it a little bit more when it’s coming from me. It’s a lot of live drums and things of that nature on the album.

Dubcnn: Do you have an estimated time frame when we can expect your album to come out?

Read the whole thing at DubCNN.

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