Panama on BET.

Panama is a rapper in Baltimore. Aside from that he is also the head of a successful clothing line, and an actor. You might have seen him on Season 4 of The Wire. Dude also happens to be a friend of mine from UMBC. This is a video of him on BET’s Spit Ya Game.

I never got a chance to see this when it ran the first time so I’m glad it got uploaded. He recently released a great new song with Skyzoo called Play Your Position. Look out for this dude.

{Note: I just found this in my e-mail box. Apparently eskay has had it for a while, but Panama actually sent this to me way before that. My e-mail box has been too cluttered [See: Life The Great] to see the diamonds in the coal.}

After the jump is a video of Panama wrecking Bubbles in Season 4 of the Wire.

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