Black ELement – (Oh Shit We Goin…) Down!?!? [Missing ELements #4].

I’ve been internet free for a minute so I missed the chance to post the last two Missing ELements track from ML fav Black ELement. But I’ve got the latest one right here and I’m including the two tracks I missed as well.

Black provides this explanation for his latest:

You ever wonder what your last moments would be like on a crashing plane? What or who would you do?

Download: Black ELement – (Oh Shit We Goin…) Down!?!?

Missing ELements #2 and #3:

Black ELement – Confirmation (prod. 6th Sense)
Black ELement – Loose Change (prod. Rami Afuni)

If you slept :

Black ELement – Ride It Out (prod.Rami Afuni) [Missing ELements #1]

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