Introducing Benisour.

They say you can’t please all of the people, all of the time… maybe so, but you can try to please as many different demographics of people separately, and, if all goes well, you can end up pleasing all of the people bit by bit. That seems to be the approach of up-and-coming Miami MC Benisour (pronounced Ben-eh-swah), and it doesn’t hurt that he’s able to make quality songs of many various styles.

Below are 3 tracks I received by Benisour, who sounds kind of like The Game (with a much lesser degree of name-dropping), and who has already worked with the likes of DJ Khaled (who, as annoying as he may be, does have a lot of pull) and Freeway. One features a hook from Akon (which doesn’t sound like 5 other Akon hooks that are out now… maybe 2), one features a hook from Junior Reid, and, lastly (for the man who has everything), one has a screwed-and-chopped hook.

Download: Benisour – “I Was Wrong (The Grain)” featuring Akon
Download: Benisour – “Shining” featuring Junior Reid (prod. by Blackout Movement)
Download: Benisour – “Rimz Chop”

For more on Benisour’s music — both what’s out now and what’s forthcoming — peep his MySpace page.

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