Kidz Bop Steps It Up

I just saw a commercial on television for the new Kidz Bop, and they got Sean Kingston to remake “Take You There”. I jumped online as fast as I could to find that he made a whole new Kidz Bop video. If you’ve heard it, you remember the original song is an infectious dance joint that had references to the hood, kids holding guns, and other trife shit. The original video was shot in Miami and included Officer Rick Ross blowing trees, DJ Khaled, and mad video girls. The new Kidz Bop video is a bunch of little kids dancing on a beach with Sean Kingston. Plus, they altered the lyrics. Next stop… Lollipop.

(Videos after the jump)

Sean Kingston- Take You There (Kidz Bop Version):

Sean Kingston- Take You There (Original Video):

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  1. modi

    this post was fucking incredible.

    i am about to swagger jack mercilessly, and throw all props and credit your way. thank you in advance.

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