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1. The Entrance
2. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing
3. ‘Maica Living’ feat. Killa Sha and Guardian Leep
4. Pump Ya Fist feat. Mikey D Lotto
5. Party Time
6. In The Ghetto
7. Hardcore Hip Hop
8. Frantic Barz
9. Sewin’ Love
10. Ru Dope feat. Jeru Tha Damaja
11. Dap feat. Lil Dap
12. Noyd feat. Big Noyd
13. Classic Emergency
14. Rockin’ Hip Hop
15. Large Pro Says
16. To The Meadows
17. The Hardest feat. AZ & Styles P

Drops September 30th, the same day as Termanology’s album. I recommend copping both. I can’t wait to hear this.

Some thoughts on the track listing:

-I like that he got Jeru, Killa Sha & Noyd on here. Dope NY emcees from the golden era deserve more shine.

-Lil Dap? Really? Maybe it’s just an interlude.

-”The Hardest” already appeared on both AZ & Styles P’s albums. It’s a dope track, but did it really need to appear here?

-Like Extra P’s solo debut, The LP, this album suffers from awful song title syndrome (nothing here is as bad as “Funky 2 Listen 2″, fortunately)

Let me leave you with the ridiculously dope intro track, “The Entrance.”

Download: Large Professor – The Entrance

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  1. Dart_Adams

    Hey, 1st Class had a few head scratchin’ song titles as well. Beats? All day. Naming tracks? Not so much.

    Stay chisel! © The live guy with glasses


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