Metal Lungie Diggin: Kanye West – Gorgeous & Breathe In Breath Out.


Damn, since its the “in” thing (Andrew is killing it!) I guess its time I dusted off the ML Diggin category.

Serious Kanye heads will know about the track he did with Murphy Lee (!!) a little before his debut College Dropout came out. I came across a final version where it’s just Kanye solo on the track, with a different rare verse (I don’t think it has been reused on a different song?). 

I’ve included the more commonly had version for comparison**

Kanye West – Gorgeous
Kanye West Ft. Murphy Lee- Drop Dead Gorgeous

**There is also a rare copy with the verse from “Gorgeous” hastily pasted on to the end of “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, but it sounds like ass.

Also for your collection purposes there is a Breathe In Breathe Out version sans Ludacris.

Kanye West – Breathe In Breathe Out
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  1. clyde

    remember when Murph Lee was considered part of the future
    lil wayne
    & juelz santana

    cassidy has good freestyles but horrible songs (canibus)
    murphy lee was a flash in the pan (every rapper from st. louis)
    juelz w/label politics (craig mack)
    lil wayne is the only one that panned out

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