ML @ Rock Steady Crew Anniversary 2008, Review.

The homie J-Berga hit up yet another event last weekend, the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary show. Here are the musings he had to share:

This was my third year going to the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary event and this year might have been the best so far.  This year was dedicated to the memory of the great Frosty Freeze who was one of the innovators when it came to breakdancing.  The event was held in Lincoln Park in the city of Newark, New Jersey and it is always a very family orientated event.  It was an all day event starting at 12 and I will recap what I saw once I got there at 5pm. 

Q-Unique and the Arsonists were on stage when I got there and I later found out that I missed out on Grand Master Caz, Termanology and Ice-T.  AG hit the stage for a short set as well as one member from the Lordz of the Underground.  Craig G came out with Marley Marl backing him up on the turntables.  At one point Marley Marl got so hyped by Craig G’s freestyles that he felt inspired to spit on the mic himself.  Then one of the great female MC’s came an ripped the stage, Bahamma D.  Her rhymes were venomous!  Then the Architects came reunited to do a performance and squashed whatever beef they had going between them.  Pumpkin Head and Mr. Metaphor from Brooklyn Academy did a short set and then the man who created arguably one of the greatest mixtapes ever in 50 MC’s, Tony Touch, came out and showed the crowd just why Djing is considered an artform.  After Tony’s set Crazy Legs, Fabel, and the rest of the Rock Steady Crew came out and did a very well choreographed performance that included about 15 people on stage.  I could tell that they put a lot of hard work into their performance.  After they performed Fat Joe came out and did a surprise performance, which got everyone real hyped.  For some reason he was the only artist people started throwing shit at but everything that was thrown missed him somehow haha.  By the time Fat Joe was done there was very little time left in the concert which meant Smif-N-Wessun, Beat Nuts, and Black Moon didn’t get to perform because time had to be saved for the headliner, KRS-One.   People were real hyped when he came out and as soon as the first song got started the speakers blew out!!!  He kicked some accapellas and got all of the artists that performed earlier to come on stage and engage in a large freestyle cipher.  Overall the show was tight and I would encourage all true hip-hop heads to check out this event next year and get involved in all Rock Steady Crew events.  Till next time ML.

J-Berga’s connect B-Rad (a lot of hyphens were in the building) took some dope pictures I threw up on the ML flickr feed.

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  1. skinnyjoe

    “Then the Architects came reunited to do a performance and squashed whatever beef they had going between them.”

    I think he meant to say, the “Artifacts” reunited.

    Sounds like it was dope.

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