Remix Tuesdays: The Knux.

The Knux are a self-described rap duo from from New Orleans, consisting of brothers Krispy Kream (I know, I know) and Al Millio. Recently signed to Interscope, the brothers self-describe their music as “garage-hop.” So far the group have only officially released two tracks. One of them, “Cappucino”, is the first single off their upcoming debut, Remind Me In 3 Days.

Fitting the group’s description, “Cappucino” is built on churning garage rock riffs. Blippy synthesizers intertwine with the guitar lines and chanted “Hey!”s on the chorus:

I need a fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist, fresh fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist/Ey ey miss

Claps and hi-hats make up the percussion. The song is produced by the group as is its remix.

The video bites De La quite a bit, check the dookie ropes!

The remix to “Cappucino” is incredible in that it sounds exactly like a vintage 1992 Native Tongues track. Stilted, thudding drums are joined by laidback guitar and bass. Chanted “Oh!”s chime in every few bars. Both Krispy and Al contribute entirely new lyrics, keeping only the chorus and the odd line here and there. There is delicate acoustic guitar and someone singing “Da da da da” on the chorus.

I actually like both versions equally, if only for the fact that the Knux are a rap group in 2008 who actually made a real remix to their song, instead of just tacking a fucking Lil’ Wayne verse to “Cappuccino”. And that’s not a Lil’ Wayne diss; it’s just nice to see someone actually alter the beat of a song for a remix.

Download: The Knux – Cappuccino (Remind Me In 3 Days, 200?)
The Knux – Cappuccino (Remix)
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