The Neptunes lost movie – Dude We’re Going To Rio.

I’ve been slowly going through and cleaning up some of the older (read: first) ML entries, the format and grammar was pretty gully in a lot of them back then.

Anyways, one of the first entries I personally did was about The Neptunes straight to dvd movie project called Dude We’re Going To Rio starring Busta Rhymes & Pharrell. Even though a cover got made, it never actually came out in stores, I was curious to see if anything new happened with the long lost film, well since then a trailer surfaced (NSFW near the end):

This seems like it could have been The Neptunes equivalent of Killa Season, with better production and more softcore.

While looking for the trailer, I found that in the recent issue of Complex (which I’ve yet to read in entirety myself) P was asked about the film.

Back when Clones came out, there was talk about you guys making a movie called Dude, We’re Going to Rio.
Pharrell: Are you trying to torture me right now?

No, I’m just curious what happened to that.
Pharrell: It was just bad. Not surrounded by the right people. Just a shitty arrangement. Those guys were nice, but I didn’t know what was appropriate. But now I’m working with Joel Silver so we’re producing something. I’m doing some television things with McG.

I’m guessing we’ll never see the thing.

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