Big Pun, Fat Joe & Shaquille O’Neal- “The Bigger They R”.

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The ever-underrated producer Domingo has a great story about the making of a Big Pun/Fat Joe/Shaq record, originally intended for Shaq’s 1996 album, You Can’t Stop The Reign. I’ll let Domingo take it from here:

Let me set the tone without the deff…It is around November 1996 Orlando Florida. I am in one of NBA’s most famous players of it’s times house recording for what would be his last solo album. Yes I am talking about Shaquille O’Neal. I had the pleasure of working side by side with him and this is one of the reasons I am always grateful for my career and that is was in my eyes a successful one.

Shaq wanted Big Pun and Fat Joe on a song for his “Can’t Stop The Reign” album and his manager at the time my homie Kevin Mitchell called me and told me Shaq wanted me to do that beat for that song and of course I said ‘Hell yeah!’ because I already knew Pun would kill that song. We all was flown down to Florida and recorded the song.

This song never made the album because of label politics and Shaq scrapped the song. The song has been unreleased and never heard for a very long time until maybe 3 years ago someone bootlegged it and put it out on vinyl. It is still a well sought after record on the net. So I decided to put my lil YouTube skills on a simple basis to work and make a video for the song.

Needless to say, this shit knocks. Grimy beat, killer Pun verse…hell, Shaq is a better rapper than half of these cats out right now. At the very least, better than Jeezy or Rawse.

Oh, and if anyone has an mp3 of this, put up a link in the comments or email me.

Whatever happened to that Twinz album, Puff?

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