Black ELement – A Major Minority Cover And Tracklisting.

We’ve been building it up a bit (we’ve probably featured dude enough to earn his own category), and finally the track listing and artwork for ML fam Black ELement’s debut are here. Catch us after the jump for a video of EL breaking down his album on

1. You Can’t Hide (AM) (Produced by Kush Klien)
2. The Stickup Kid?!?! (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
3. Can’t Call It (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
4. All I <3 (feat. NAV) (Produced by Danksta’)
5. Out In The Cold (Produced by BboySpaz)
6. Human(Produced by Kush Klien)
7. It’s All Relative (Family First) (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
8. Headaches (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
9. Where My Heart Is (Produced by Kush Klien)
10. Ride It Out (Produced by Rami Afuni)
11. Runn’n Young’n (Produced by Kush Klien)
12. Roadtrip (Produced by Kush Klien)
13. The Burbs (Produced by BboySpaz)
14. Quiet Nights (feat. Jelani) (Produced by Danksta’)
15. Never Thought (Dreaming) (Produced by Rami Afuni)

Love that artwork. The album drops September 18 for free.

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