Charles Hamilton – And Then They Played Dilla.

Looky here, Charles Hamilton. I secretly wish Will Smith would come be my best friend and hook me up with the girl of my dreams just as much as the next guy. But Hitch is not an appropriate movie to sample. Scarface? Yes. The Godfather? Sure. Seinfeld? If you do it right, yes. But randomly throwing in lines from Hitch is off limits unless you’re a pioneering oddball genius like RZA.

Um, oh yeah. Dude dropped another mixtape. This one is all Dilla beats and Charles keeps the rhymes nice. It’s a quickie though. After the eighth track, it’s all instrumentals. The second mixtape in the Hamiltonization Process. Whatever, at least he doesn’t constantly pimp his websites like before.

Download: Charles Hamilton – And Then They Played Dilla

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