Nate Dogg likes Golf (clubs).

I love vintage Death Row stuff like this, I guess this from a Beef video (I don’t remember seeing it though). Method Man & Redman are trying to do an interview on the set of a Death Row video at some country club. In the background a brawl breaks out with B.G. Knocc Out/Dresta and Nate Dogg, who shows how you bat with a golf club. Spot the girls running, check the Meth commentary, and for extra credit spot Coolio.

Here is what BG said about the incident:

We heard many stories about what happened at the golf club
from both sides but never from you, can you tell us exactly
what happened?

(BG Knocc Out)
The golf club incident was an unfortunate one. Not just
because of the fight but because someones project was
interrupted and my main man Russell Simons lost money
due to the incident. I regret that mostly.
But Nate Dogg actually started the whole thing.
Nate was riding in one of those golf carts with Coolio
and ran over my foot. So when he stopped I confronted
him about it. Dre’sta seen us arguing so came over to fight
Nate. All of Nates homies ran over there to back him so my
brother tried to hit Nate but didn’t connect,
Nate swung back but missed also, That’s when I hit Nate in
the jaw and he fell to the ground. I felt someone behind me
and it was one of the twins from Warren G’s camp.
I turned around and locked up with one of them so they
all started running off the course. Nate came back with a
golf club and hit my brother so I grabbed one and chased
Nate across the course. I haven’t seen the DVD yet so I’m
not sure whats recorded and what has been edited out.


DPG & Snoop freestylin with Nate Dogg singing (almost effortlessly) and Dre on the keys.

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  1. buhizzle

    The only reason this (below) would qualify as “vintage Death Row stuff” is because it was included on Too Gangsta For Radio, a 2000 Death Row compilation that failed miserably. But I digress… here’s footage of former Clipper center Keith Closs getting beaten down somewhere in L.A.

    ^^ This has been on YouTube for almost 2 years, and I just recently came across it. Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed in myself.

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