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I should really go to OKP more often than I do, and this REALLY reminded me so. ?uestlove had a thread where he told stories and anecdotes on various famous people as requested by OKPers. Let’s just say the results are classic, I spent a good hour reading through it, when I should be packing.. but so worth it.

I’m going to quote one story as a sample, about D’Angelo to get a sense of the amazing insider/personal stuff ?uest shares..

voodoo rehearsals 2000

alan leeds
dom trenier
at SIR studios.

i just came from a once in a lifetime photoshoot with vanity fair.

alan: so what was annie like
?: awww man she was incredible i mean that all time master of photography! i can’t believe she did that. more people wanted her autograph than ours lol….she made an intern cry though
alan: yeah i hear she’s tough
?: how crazy is it that she was caught in traffic and that is what kept her from getting on the concord flight that crashed
dom trenier (d’s personal manager): well no thanks to you know who….she’ll pushed her paris shoot by a day so that she could fit him in but you know what happen.
?: wait….he stood her up AGAIN!?!?!?!!
dom: man she DROVE to VA!!!!!
?: oh my god!!!!!

(d walks in room)

?: yo man….how you stand up annie liebowitz 3 times yo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? she is a legend yo! a legend (“he made thriller man….THRILLER voice)

d: huh? annie who?….

?: dog you done stood up the greatest lenswoman of all time yo for vanity fair….and for what?

d:??!?!?…..psssh man later for all that vanity shmanity……this what IM TALKING bout!!!!

*hands me a jet magazine with him on the cover*

d: nigga whut!!!!!!!!!!

?: (hand over forehead)

Some of my highlights were Allen Iverson, Charlie Murphy, George Clinton, Memphis Bleek, Kanye, Beanie, Nas, Just Blaze, Madonna, Benicio Del Toro, Will Smith, Bjork, Eminem, ODB, Chris Rock, 2pac.

Read the whole thread at OKP. 2/11 Edit: the stories now live in a much better format, here.

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