K. Sparks – Visual Sound (produced by T-Mos).

I didn’t post the last few K. Sparks joints because they weren’t that good, but he stepped his game up this week. Here’s what he had to say about this track:

Visual Sound is a song that tells two stories…the first story is about a friend of mine that was sexually abused when she was younger…the second story is about an individual that contracted HIV from unprotected sex…it’s a concept record that serves a purpose…check it out

T-Mos laces the track with a fittingly dark beat, and Sparks goes in with some food for thought about sexual abuse and HIV. His lyrics are tight, but his flow is getting a little old. Also, the infomercial snippets at the end are unnecessary. Dope track nonetheless.

Download: K. Sparks – Visual Sound (produced by T-Mos)
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