Exile – Stay Tuned (Stay Here) feat. Muhsinah.

You gotta stop sleeping on Exile.  His project with Blu, Below the Heavens, is an underground west coast classic and he’s got albums coming with Fashawn, Blame One and maybe the homie Shawn Jackson. But this song is off his solo album Radio, on which he challenged himself to only sample sounds from local LA radio stations. The result is a soulful beat spattered with static and talk radio samples. This version has vocals by singer Muhsinah. Exile’s sample choppage is very Dilla-esque, if I may say so myself.

Download: Exile – Stay Tuned (Stay Here) feat. Muhsinah

via Fresh Selects (is it just me or does looking at Fresh Selects really bother your eyes for some reason?)

Bonus: Blame One & Exile – Disturbed feat. Sean Price

via Sit Down Stand Up

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  1. Lessondary (Von Pea,Donwill, Elucid) – We’re All In Power.

    [...] Lessondary consists of Elucid and underground favorites Von Pea and Donwill of Tanya Morgan. Their new project Radio sees the trio rapping over Exile’s instrumental album of the same name from January. For Radio, Exile sampled nothing but local LA radio stations. Lessondary lends some deft rapping to Ex’s experimental beats. See also: singer Muhsinah’s vocal version of another Radio track. [...]

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