Lil Wayne gets a movie.


This is the trailer for the documentary on Lil Wayne coming out next year. There’s kind of a buzz about this because the director is Adam Bala Lough, who is apparently “a respected film maker in the world of music documentaries“. Also because it will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The company making it is QD3, the people who put out all those Beef DVDs. I’m not one to hate, but why were the Beef DVDs never premiered at Sundance? Those films are documentaries about the real life struggles of rappers… against rappers.

But seriously though, this trailer gives off the eerie vibe that this film is supposed to be released post-mortem. In Lil Wayne’s memory and shit. That scene with him lying down at the end with those lyrics playing. Scary.

After the jump is the unrelated (I found it on Quincy Jones III’s blog) video for Two Words, one of my favorite songs from College Dropout. I didn’t even know this had a video until today. Not sure if I like the one on Chappelle show more.

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  1. Kold Shadow

    I honestly think Wayne had Gillie write for him . . . not that Gillie had anything to lose by putting his credibility or “status” in jeopardy by making such a claim, but I honestly believe Wayne’s rockstar status post-Hot Boy$ was a group effort. It’s obvious he writes his own shit now, but if all of those crazy Sqad Up, Dedication I and Drought I & II bars weren’t his, shame on me for giving him credit! I’ve only heard one or two Gillie tracks ever in my life but from what I can tell, “Tha Carter” had his hand in it. Alas, even if Wayne ALWAYS wrote his shit, he never was, isn’t, and I’m willing to bet my life will never be even in the top 10 “Best Rappers Alive”. It may be a matter of taste, but dude, if you call yourself a “hip-hop head” and Wayne was, is, or is gonna be up for consideration in your top 10 (not favorite, who you would consider “best”), then hip-hop is really dead and Weezy is throwing the after-funeral (party). LMAO.
    Enough Weezy hating . . . “Two Words” is one of my favorite Kanye beats ever, and thanks for discovering the non-Chappelle show video, I’ll def check that out (BEFORE I even TOUCH the Weezy documentary trailer . . . ha X-D).

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