RZA Wants to Record the Next Wu-Tang Album Naked.

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And he wants everyone else to be naked too:

So far we haven’t recorded anything, but conversations have been coming up though. That’s pretty interesting to hear the conversations come up about maybe us going in and doing one more fuckin’ killer album, but this time just have everybody take they shirt off—even me, take my shirt off from the door. So instead of coming in with your ideas and this and that, everybody just come in naked and build it from there. I think that’s something that we never actually ever did. Usually I had all the ideas or something or some brothers had predetermined ideas, but I think now, it’s like everybody in the crew is a master at what they do. And so we all got to accept that, even me, that as the Abbot I gotta accept that. If we take that approach, I’m pretty sure we would come with something very, very unique. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, but there are conversations.

OK, RZA doesn’t actually want to get naked with Raekwon and U-God, but it was still a shock to read “but this time just have everybody take they shirt off.” Maybe I’m being naive, but I think the Wu is still capable of putting together a great album. 8 Diagrams didn’t live up to the hype, but it definitely had its moments.

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Here’s some bonus RZA gayness:

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