Miss Info Interview With Cam’ron Pt.2 / Behind The Scenes of Killa Season.

We quickly mentioned Part 1 the other day, here is part 2. Most amusing part: Juelz was doing the Sizzurp (not even the liquor!) heavy. 100 Hawaiian Punches mixed on deck?!? I guess their shared loved for the ‘Tussin is why Juelz and Wayne were/are so close.

Also, here is some behind the scenes footage of that movie that ML can’t live with out that was unleashed today as well, not a day year(s) late or anything. Cristal in a water bottle? Check! Balancing water cups on the behinds of Classy ladies? CHECK!!! Random Dip-set goons giddy about their straight to DVD acting debuts? YOU ALREADY KNOW.

All Jacked from Miss Info.

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