ScottieL is in the Buildinnnnn.

Whatup ML. It’s the return of your boy ScottieL and with this post I am pleased to announce that I will be a regular contributor on the site from now on. I’m reppin’ College Park, MD right now, and I went to high school with a couple fellas who started ML.

If any of you read my Bonnaroo and Camp Bisco reviews, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of electronic music, but my love for music spreads over many genres. Hip Hop, classic rock, indie, reggae; you name it, I probably dig it. Music is basically my life. I play bass in an electronic band, go to shows as much as I possibly can, and when I’m not doing either, I’m usually blasting some shit out of my speakers.

I’m looking forward to helping out with this already great site and providing you guys with the best info I can. I’ll start off with a funny video i just found. It’s not music related, but what the hell, shit’s hilarious.

Enjoy, Peace.

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