Wu-Tang On MTV Cribs.

I stumbled onto this 1998 footage of the Wu on MTV Cribs the other day. It’s a must-see, if only for the footage of Raekwon (OB4CL stays in rotation, of course). Rae is just endearingly weird in this clip; he kinda waddles around, eating a yogurt cup and rambling about exercise and interior design.


Some other highlights:

  • RZA – “I’ve been watching nothing but kung fu flicks and pornos”
  • RZA talking about the importance of having plants in your home
  • Ghostface – “We watch the Discovery Channel and shit”
  • Meth passed out on the couch
  • Cappadonna getting a trim in the bathroom
  • U-God showing off his shitty little guest room and his signed photo of Little Richard
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  1. bding7

    blowy shirts are a must, i have to say.

    my favorite quote: “some dudes like to lift weights to get their shit tight. i prefer calisthenics.”

  2. Vincent

    Good video. I wonder if they still own the house. Raekwon was funny. Interesting to see Busta hanging out with them, too.


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