Finale – One Man Show (8-Bit Remix ft.Casual).


I’ve been neglecting Remix Tuesdays as of late, so allow me to share this dope remix with you: a crazy 8-bit remix of Finale’s stellar “One Man Show”. This is what you could have received if you beat Super Finale. Of course, a Casual guest spot is always welcome. His voice and flow plays off Finale’s nicely – I think I might actually like this more than the original. We’ve been on a videogame kick lately, huh? Dunno how that happened.

DOWNLOAD: Finale – One Man Show (8-bit Remix ft.Casual)

Here’s a great Casual throwback that’s perfect for the summer.

DOWNLOAD: Casual – Later On

A Pipe Dream And A Promise is in stores now. Cop that.

Bonus Beats: Check out a nice mix of recent Finale tracks at Fresh Selects.

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