Kanye West – I Love Hockey, Video.

Here is more of ML’s favorite rappers (sorta) colliding with the hockey world. There you have it folks, the sole reason to see The Love Guru.

Via Young Drew’s.

PS Shout out to Big Pooh of Little Brother who is riding with the Caps.

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  1. Nirav Sheth

    So very true. This and this alone should be the only reason to see the movie. And after you get to this part, just turn off the player. It’s really not worth the point leading up to this or even the story after!

  2. jojn

    Actually good thing for me..I am not a follower lik 80% of america and Myself and my girlfriend enjoyed this movie a lot. I watched it years ago regardless of how people said it sucked. They obviously were wrong. Don’t know what you expected but if you can listen to rap and call it music or other media sensations that are atrocious then I don’t understand how anyone can say that this movie is that bad. I enjoyed it a lot. Nothing bad about it. Sorry that you hate indian people or whatever your problem is. Dumbasses. My country is going down the tube…SAVE US!!!!!PLEASE :(…Fools. So if you want to watch a funny movie and you are not a typical deuche or follower who will not like it because other people said it was not good then have a good time watchint mike myers being hilarious with a great plot and other stars. Take care. Jonathan. :) Bye

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