Dr. Dre Previews Detox in a Dr. Pepper Ad.

The reclusive Dr. Dre shows up in the most unexpected places. In December, he randomly lent a verse to Kardinal Offishall for a remix and now he’s in a Dr. Pepper commercial. In the ad, Dre pushes an inept DJ off the turntables and plays a few seconds of a song off Detox. Readers of hip-hop blogs will recognize the song as “Shit Popped Off,” which leaked in the form of a reference track by T.I. back in February. T.I.’s bars are especially appropriate here:

Commandeer the turntables, that’s my first mission
Cause the DJ ain’t spinnin’, he bullshittin’

While some may scoff at Dre selling soda, I think the ad is a good sign. Before this, all we’ve heard from Detox are shady, unfinished leaks. Dre is finally promoting the album himself. Now, if only I could get someone at Dr. Pepper to send me the track.

via Billboard

Download: T.I. – Shit Popped Off (produced by Dr. Dre)

via The Smoking Section

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