Paul C. Lives, Vol. 2.

Let’s give hip-hop pioneer Paul C (learn something) the same posthumous respect and admiration that we give Dilla (minus the erroneous production credits). Hosted by Prince Po, Paul C. Lives, Vol. 2 is a compilation of mostly non-album cuts produced by the late great Paul C. Let’s make ‘Paul C to the Organisms’ the new ‘J Dilla Changed My Life’.

Download: DJ Kid Grebo Presents Paul C. Lives, Vol. 2 (Hosted by Prince Po)

Get volume 1 here.

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Tracklisting after the jump

01. Intro
02. M.C. Outloud- I’ll Put A Hurten’
03. Phase & Rhythm- Hyperactive
04. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em
05. Ultramagnetic MC’s- A Chorus Line f. Tim Dog
06. M.C. Tatiana- Mission To Rock
07. G. Dane – Coolest Of The Cool
08. Phase & Rhythm- Brainfood
09. Sport G & Mastermind- live
10. Marauder & The Fury- Get Loose Mother Goose
11. Two Shades Of Black- Surrender
12. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Do The James
13. Main Source- Think
14. Queen Latifah & The 45 King- A King And Queen Creation
15. Stezo- Girl Trouble
16. Disco Twins & Star Child- There It Is
17. Grand Master Caz- Casanova’s Rap
18. The Rangers- Jacks On Crack
19. Double Dose- Envious
20. Interlude
21. The Heartbeat Brothers- Bring In The Bassline
22. Mic Profesah- Cry For Freedom
23. Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice- Party Jump
24. Rappers On A Mission- S.O.L.O.
25. Princess Ivori- CrackPipe (changed it all)
26. Ultimate Choice- You Can’t Front (We Will Rock you)
27. Live N Effect Posse- I’m Getting Physical
28. Outro

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  1. Princess Ivori

    thanks for doing this. i’ll never be able to express how important Paul was & is to all who worked with him & called him a friend or how much he was truly loved. God Bless his spirit & his family. i nicknamed him PAUL MCNASTY because he was THAT NICE in the studio. I could hum or sing or describe a sound i wanted & Paul could almost read my mind…he’d create it so quickly & perfectly. my career was never the same after his passing. his memory will always be cherished.

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