Remix Tuesdays: A Tribe Called Quest.

Like my beats harder than two-day old shit

Reviving a long-dormant ML feature, which I haven’t done for almost a year now. For those new to Remix Tuesdays: each RT post finds me discussing a song and a remix of said song, comparing the lyrics and production of the OG to the remix. Today’s subject is “Oh My God”, a single released off Tribe Called Quest’s 1993 album Midnight Marauders in ‘94.

The OG “Oh My God” is an upbeat head-nodder, credited to A Tribe Called Quest (which means Q-Tip did it!). The beat is driven by playful horns, a dusty, winding bass line and crisp snares and kicks. Busta contributes a typically animated chorus that just involves him shouting the song title over and over again.

The “Oh My God (Remix)” can be found on the “Oh My God” 12’ and CD single, and is also credited to ATCQ. The beat is more reserved, replacing the energy of the original with cool keys, harder drums with hi-hats and a creeping bass line. An echoing sax that enters on the chorus, which is performed by Tip instead of Trevor. The drum pattern switches up slightly for Phife’s verse. Tip actually kicks a couple more bars after the nine he does at the end of the original; nothing too special, since he mostly just shouts out NY boroughs and tells the listener that he’ll see you next LP and next cassette!

I’m more partial to the original “Oh My God” because it’s a bit brighter and catchier, but Tip deserves credit for completing inverting the song for his remix; he converted a sunny bit of brag rap into a dark, late night banger.

As a bonus, here’s a crazy live performance of “Oh My God” on Late Night with Conan O’Brie. Tip & Phife improvise some awesome chanting at the beginning and end of the song, while Ali Shaheed does some vicious cutting on the chorus. Love Phife’s hand movements and Tip’s glasses.

What’s your favourite version? Let us know in the comments.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (ft. Busta Rhymes)
Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (Remix)
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  1. Vincent

    ’94 was a great year for maxi-single cassettes and CD’s. Nas, Tribe, Black Moon, Boogiemonsters, Jeru, etc. all were putting out great remixes and B-sides that year. This is easily one of the best maxi-single CD’s that I’ve ever purchased. I still have it and remember buying it back then.

  2. AaronM

    The “Stress” single about sums it up for me. But I’m doing revisionist history. I wish I was around when people put real re imaginings of their songs on their singles, not just guest verses.
    This feature is an attempt to make up for it – thanks for the comment, Vince.

  3. LouderThanABomb91

    I found this Oh My God (Remix) on a copy of Rap Flavas cd I found a while back. Oddly the back of case says album version so I never bothered listening to it. What a shock when I put it on. GREAT Remix!

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