From The Underground – The Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects are a Chicago-based rap crew who just released their self-titled debut EP online.  Rapper Ebonics kicks impeccable, effortless flows while group producer the Professional provides soulful, surprisingly polished beats. Nothing you haven’t heard before on here, but If you like throwback hip-hop with strong rapping and great beats, do yourself a favour and peep this EP. I’m glad to see the EP making a comeback. More rookie rappers would do well to follow this example and introduce yourself with a strong, concise EP instead of an overstuffed, underproduced mixtape.

The highlights are numerous but two songs stood out to me. “Truer Love” weaves a gorgeous piano sample with knocking drums as Ebonics rhapsodizes about his girl, guaranteed to get your head bobbing. “Cookin’ Up Classics” sees Ebonics spit an impressive double-time flow over a churning, stuttering beat.
Listen to both tracks and cop the whole EP below:

Truer Love (ft.Elle)

Cookin’ Up Classics

Download: The Usual Suspects – The Usual Suspects EP
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