E-40 – Undastandz Me, Video.

I wasn’t expecting much when I loaded up Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift. Before this week, I had never listened to E-40 beyond the singles that got nationwide attention. “Quarterbackin’” is the only one that comes to mind, actually.

Three songs in, I realized I’d been missing out. The minimalist beats, the fluidity of E-40′s rhymes, and his unwavering confidence come together in a magical way. Despite his wacky cadence (dude raps like cross between Busta Rhymes and Scooby Doo) and the blatant ignorance of his subject matter (song titles like “I Get Down” and “Bitch”), E-40 takes himself completely seriously. In a time when so many hip-hop artists are trying to be down to earth and humble, it’s great to see someone with some individuality who still acts like we expect rappers to act: comically egotistical yet undeniably talented.

Also peep the video for “Nice Guys” off Night Shift.

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