Jay Electronica – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace (ft. Diddy).


The man of the hour Jay Electronica pays homage to The Notorious B.I.G. over a very “Death of Auto-Tune” sounding beat. Everyone is clamoring for this guy to put out an album, but would that really be better than a slow trickle of singles? Somehow, I feel like an album wouldn’t really makes sense for Mr. Electronica. His current format works pretty well for him.

Diddy shit talks for  more than three minutes at the end.

Fuckin’ broke ass bloggin’ fuckin’ faggot motherfuckers…

Does this mean no more DIDDY BLOGS??? Also, how’s 808s & Heartbreak 2.0 coming along?

Download: Jay Electronica – Ghost of Christopher Wallace (ft. Diddy) (produced by Quincey Tones)

via Nah Right

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  1. AaronM

    Too much Puff, not enough Jay. Still dope as hell – I just woulda liked more verses.
    It does sound eerily similar to D.O.A., nice find!

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