Monthly Archives: July 2010

Koncept – The Game (produced by The Audible Doctor).

When J57 told me in January that the Brown Bag AllStars intended to outdo everyone, I brushed it off as rapper-talk. But recent music from the collective suggests they might make good on their promise, in NY at least. Disillusioned lovers of East Coast boom bap, pay attention. There’s something..

Royce Da 5’9″ – Vagina, Video.

It’s getting to the point where vagina needs its own category on ML. I mean, vag rap almost constitutes a subgenre. “Vagina” speaks to hip-hop’s ability to laugh at itself. Royce is one of the most talented rappers alive and here he is blacking out about lady parts. Off The..

FKi – Weed & Arizonas (produced by Chase N Cashe).

Meet FKi, an Atlanta duo who have crafted the soundtrack to your next party. Refer to the “Red Cup” video after the jump to get an idea of the fun you could be having by listening to FKi. If these three tracks are any indication, their upcoming project Zoolandish should..

Sam Adams – Fly Jets Over Boston (ft. Curren$y).

Surefire way to attract the attention of hip-hop blogs? Enlist Curren$y. Spitta sounds extra comfortable on this bonus track off Boston rapper Sam Adams’ EP Boston’s Boy. The cover makes my eye twitch a little. Download: Sam Adams – Fly Jets Over Boston (ft. Curren$y) (produced by produced by Xperiment)..

Kooley High – Ya Time’s Up.

North Carolina collective Kooley High absolutely bodies a subdued jazzy beat with the most incisive of punchlines. Their new shit Eastern Standard Time drops July 27. Hopefully this gem isn’t a fluke. Download: Kooley High – Ya Time’s Up (produced by Foolery) via kooleyHigh Sphere: Related Content

6th Sense – It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2, Mixtape.

35 tracks deep, 6th Sense’s new tape is a bullish statement of his talent and versatility. His sound is clean, crisp, and practically begging to be populated with lyrics. Rappers, throw away the shitty beat tape you’re currently listening to and contact this man. “Losing My Mind” is especially fearsome...

The Kid Daytona – On the Hill (produced by 6th Sense).

Kid Daytona is equal parts witty and cocky on “On the Hill,” the first single from his upcoming mixtape Interlude. Besides the addition of a quick Beatles sample at the beginning, producer 6th Sense doesn’t change much from the original sample (Oliver Sain’s “On the Hill,” which you may remember..