Notes from the DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill – Kill Devil Hills Listening Session.

ML had the pleasure of listening to the new album from DJ Muggs and Ill Bill, Kill Devil Hills. The listening session took place at DJ Premier’s studio Headqcourterz where DJ Eclipse graciously played host for the evening, treating us to free pizza and assorted beverages (the ingredients for a John Daly were conspicuously absent). DJ Muggs was in LA for another listening session and Premo was at show in the Czech Republic, but Ill Bill joined us to guide our listening experience. Here are our notes:

  • -Going to DJ Premier’s studio is always nerdy thrill.
  • -Nothing hip-hop related starts on time.
  • -Paranoid rap (official definition here) doesn’t have to be an aggravating Immortal Technique affair.
  • -DJ Muggs is the proto-DJ Khalil.
  • -The obligatory Sean Price feature (it’s an indie rap album, duh) doesn’t disappoint.
  • -Madlib isn’t the only producer with wild psychedelic sitar samples.
  • -”Milleniums of Murder” should be the soundtrack to a Tarantino shootout.
  • -”Luciferian Imperium” can best be described as grave-robbing music.
  • -”Secrets Worth Dying For” will make everyone in the room nod their heads in unison.
  • -”2013″  is when the aliens will arrive. Apparently they’re bringing insane drums.
  • -You know the guy next to you is really high when he dozes off next to the speakers.
  • -And he’s kind of trying to put his arm around you.
  • -Ill Bill doesn’t like listening sessions. If he had the time, he would chill with each of us individually and “smoke y’all out.”
  • -Hip-hop bloggers have an unlimited supply of generic questions.
  • -A possible Ill Bill and Raekwon mixtape would be called Weed vs. Coke.

Kill Devil Hills drops August 24. Be sure to check out “Narco Corridos” and “Cult Assassin.”

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  1. Satan Himself

    “You know the guy next to you is really high when he dozes off next to the speakers.”

    I thought he was taking notes, but when the whole room cleared out and he was still slumped over, I laughed my ass off. Considering we um…shared what knocked him out.

    Funny shit ML…stay up!


    “Considering we um…shared what knocked him out……”?????

    ‘Yall didn’t share my Afghani Hash & Haze I smoked B4.. LOL.. and for the comment…

    “And he’s kind of trying to put his arm around you.” NO HOMO!!! LOL


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