Slum Village – Lock It Down (produced by J Dilla).

Sadly, Slum Village’s legacy of Detroit rawness may be at an end with their upcoming album Villa Manifesto. This week, T3 vaguely indicated some drama within the group via Twitter and declared that Villa Manifesto will be their last album. It’s not clear if there’s an issue between T3 and Elzhi, but given that two of the original members are dead (J Dilla and Baatin), the end of SV isn’t completely surprising.

1 of all I never kick anyone out the group. ..Wed Jun 30 02:37:27 via TweetsRide

2nd there is no new members in slum village! !!!!!Wed Jun 30 02:38:18 via TweetsRide

3rd don’t chime in if you don’t know both sides. …..Wed Jun 30 02:40:04 via TweetsRide

oh yeah one more thing. ..This is the last Slum Village Album…..Wed Jun 30 02:44:51 via TweetsRide

Download: Slum Village – Lock It Down (produced by J Dilla)


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    Damn T3 is pissed. Either way Slum V will go down as a legendary Hip Hop group. R.I.P. Dilla & Baatin.

    Come check out a preview of THA HIjAQ Volume 1 mixtape we putting together (S.I.Q.). Its a tribute to Real Hip Hop. So if you feeling groups like Slum Village, De La Soul, Tribe called Quest, Black Star and The Fugees. M.C.’s like Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Bahamadia. Vocals like Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Sunshine Anderson and India Arie. Producer’s like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Madlib and Pete Rock. Then theres no doubt you gonna feel this.

    Siren a.k.a Illogic & Quote

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