Bishop Lamont – Get ‘Em Girl (ft. Talib Kweli) (produced by J Dilla, Focus).

After he left Aftermath, Bishop Lamont said in an interview that he would bless us with a tidal wave of unreleased music that he secured from Interscope:

We’re about to finally bless the world with a lot of music. It got to the point where it wasn’t fair to the fans or to myself to have to keep on waiting. I understand that labels have obligations, but it was difficult to have fans coming up to you and asking when I was going to get a release date. There’s a lot of crazy records I got to take with me. There’s a J Dilla record that I got with the blessing of DJ House Shoes. Tracks from DJ Khalil, Lord Finesse, 9th Wonder, Mr. Porter, Focus, basically a who’s who of underground hip-hop.

He also spoke of Dr. Dre records. But Bishop has been extremely quiet except for a few leaks like this one and his album The Reformation is nowhere in sight. Bishop announced today that a new project called The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3 is due in September.

“Get ‘Em Girl” must be the record he got from House Shoes. Is there a Dilla expert in the house who can tell us if this beat is new? Talib Kweli says the song is “OLD as hell.”

Download: Bishop Lamont – Get ‘Em Girl (ft. Talib Kweli) (produced by J Dilla, Focus)


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