KRS-One & True Master – 1-2, Heres What We Gone Do (ft. RZA).

Funny how KRS-One and RZA contradict each other while tryna kick knowledge. KRS knocks corporations and then RZA shouts out Hollywood execs. The most eyebrow raising-line is RZA’s nod to the cops. Few rappers have the ‘nads to take their positive raps that far. True Master provides a dilapidated Wu-Tang beat. Off KRS-One & True Master’s Meta-Historical, out August 31.

Download: KRS-One & True Master – 1-2, Heres What We Gone Do (ft. RZA)
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  1. raphael

    I don’t think they’re contradicting one another. krs-1 is saying not to follow corporations because they don’t have any one persons best interest, only themselves, the ceo’s. one should follow whatever their purpose is. he’s not saying to disrespect corporate people though. rza is saying to respect all people, from the thugs on the street corners to Hollywood execs. he is not saying to follow them though, just have respect for all people. and the two verses connect with one another because they both speak on one whom seeks virtue and wisdom. this is my opinion. but its a powerful song either way. hip hop at its finest.

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