Wale – More About Nothing, Mixtape.

This rap shit can be awful cruel. Both Drake and Wale played the sensitive rapper card. Wale’s talent grabbed him a dedicated following, an Interscope contract, and Roc Nation management, but disappointing first week sales. Drake came out with an unremarkable bubblegum rap album and had Jay-Z, Kanye, and Wayne on his nuts. Attention Deficit was flawed, but not the 10th grade love affair that was Thank Me Later.

More About Nothing is more fully realized than anything Wale has done before, effectively a concept album looking at relationships from multiple angles. Seinfeld dialog once again provides strangely pertinent interludes. Wale sounds equally comfortable over pop tracks and Southern thumpers and he uses his dynamic flow to make them get along. The tape is proof that Wale makes better music when left to his own devices and that his mountain of hype may get him somewhere yet.

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