DJ Quik – G-Shit (ft. KK of 2nd II None).


The caricaturish gangsta raps of Game and Rick Ross are mocked as often as they are praised. Some rappers have attempted to address the moral quagmires of the genre. Freddie Gibbs, the blog-heralded gangsta rapper of tomorrow, clarifies on “Serve or Get Served,”

And yeah I served some geekers, took some trips, and brought some dope back,
But that don’t make me harder than nobody — you can quote that.

Some artists even prefer to call their slum reportage “reality rap.”

DJ Quik would likely reply, fuck that.

Quik admitted in a recent interview that joining a gang was a huge mistake, but that seasoned outlook is nowhere to be found on on “G-Shit.” Uninhibited, Quik gloriously unleashes his aggression, gunshots and all. The legendary Compton rapper/producer disses Game and airs out a lot of local beef that no one outside of Compton will understand. Choice quotes from Quik’s five minute rant at the end:

Yeah bitch, I live so high up I don’t got no maids. I got flight attendants. Fuck y’all got?

And I know what y’all be thinking. ‘Oh he a celebrity. If he do anything to me, I’ma sue his ass.’ Yeah, you won’t be around to sue me, nigga, ’cause I’ll stick you in the chest with this Swiss Army Knife.

Bitch, if you don’t stop sleeping in your motherfuckin’ car with your shoes on and no panties, something gon’ crawl up in between your legs and die.

You need to do a Ron Artest and go see a psychiatrist.

Quik also mentions that his album The Book of David will drop in October or November.

Download: DJ Quik – G-Shit (ft. KK)


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