Kanye West premieres his Runaway movie, then steals the show at the Brooklyn Bowl, all in one Saturday.

This whole weekend I have been laid up sick (my cold is perfectly coinciding with next level/amazing weather occurring right out side of my sunroom). There was one good thing about this however; I was able to work my fingers into tip-top shape with the TV remote buttons and clicking of the computer mouse. Now when I wasn’t watching some hockey or playoff beisbol, Kanye West seemed to have my attention on either the TV or the computer screen. First, Kanye West premiered his artsy film, Runaway (pure coincidence the single shares the same title!), set to the score of his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I took the movie as a canvas to show off the new(ish) music, and for that purpose the  beautifully shot visuals worked. What I enjoyed more was the post-movie interview he did with Sway of MTV. The interview was unedited/live which showed off Ye’s train of thought and his passion for his work. When the interview was ending, Sway blew up the spot, by mentioning his surprise appearance he was going to do later in Brooklyn. Covering his face when he heard Sway spoil the surprise, Kanye’s reaction made the whole interview worth watching.

Check the movie & the interview that follows at the top.

Judging by the youtoobs and tweets, the aforementioned surprise show at the Brooklyn Bowl went off like a bomb blast, Rap Radar has footage of Kanye jacking the stage from CyHi Da Prynce for So Appalled. Be sure to note how Kanye has the stage cleared of all Weed Carriers/Photogs/Etc.  Fools Gold DJ Sammy Bananas shot this footage of Monsterwhich seems to translate very energetically in it’s live form.

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