Jay Electronica – The Announcement x Shiny Suit Theory (ft. Jay-Z, The-Dream).


Immediately after signing to Roc Nation, Jay Electronica released two songs. The songs highlight the delicate balancing act of Jay’s image. He’s supposed to be “the mercurial and mysterious would-be savior of hip-hop” who releases music at his own pace and doesn’t care about getting an album on Best Buy shelves. “The Announcement” plays up this mystique with a eerie beat and a clip of John F. Kennedy giving a speech on traveling to the moon. So, Jay Electronica’s Roc Nation deal is about space travel, not popping bottles over five star dishes and different exotic fishes.

“Shiny Suit Theory” featuring Jay-Z and, um, The-Dream, shows the other side of Jay Electronica, the side that eats $30 spinach quesadillas with Diddy and just signed to Jay-Z. But hey, both songs work and he even made Jay-Z step his raps up a little. Let’s hold off on calling him a sellout until the music suffers. So far, it hasn’t.

Good luck, Jay. And hop on that Willow Smith collab.

Download “The Announcement” at Rap Radar

Download “Shiny Suit Theory” (ft. Jay-Z, The-Dream) from Jay Electronica

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