Kanye West & Jay-Z – That’s My Bitch (ft. Elly Jackson) (produced by Q-Tip, Kanye West).

If you’re wondering what happened to all the boom bap beats on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (chances are you’re part of the horde that doesn’t care), look no further. Kanye offhandedly told Rihanna the direction for Watch the Throne in the new issue of Interview:

Yeah, well, it’s a me and Jay album. Right now, I’m sitting here going through some Lex Luger beats. This whole album, Watch The Throne, is going to be very dark and sexy—like very couture hip-hop. Because since me and Jay have already had big records and over-the-top joints, we’re just going to make some real dirty, fucked-up, hardcore stuff. But it’s also luxe and definitely high-class.

So maybe it’s not pure boom bap if he’s going through Lex Luger beats, but still. Rap nerds, sit tight.

Download: Kanye West & Jay-Z – That’s My Bitch (ft. Elly Jackson) (produced by Q-Tip)

via DiverseHipHop

Fun fact: Q-Tip did the drums on “All of the Lights.” Also, he and Soulja Boy both did versions of “Mama’s Boyfriend,” one of which will show up on the next pressing of MBDTF along with “Chain Heavy.”

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