Evidence – I Don’t Need Love, EP.

Sampling a popular artist is a well-worn shortcut to exposure. Frank Sinatra, Queen, every James Bond theme, and many others have gotten the hip-hop treatment from plucky producers vying for attention. Mainstream audiences eat this stuff up. Sure enough, Evidence’s I Don’t Need Love EP, which uses Beatles samples, earned the palest Dilated Peoples member a mention on Vulture.

But chances are grandma won’t make it past the first verse, unless you have a really cool grandma. Evidence doesn’t go for obvious samples and instead seizes upon a hidden bluntedness in the Beatles catalog. Example: when he samples “Eleanor Rigby,” don’t expect to hear the instantly recognizable chorus. “Egg Men” turns “I Am the Walrus” into chillingly nihilistic weed rap and “If Only They Knew” is an acid trip through an Indian rainforest.

Rakaa Iriscience, Oh No, Alchemist, and Fashawn make appearances. Don’t miss out.

Download: Evidence – I Don’t Need Love EP

via Ruby Hornet

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  1. Graham

    Dope mixtape, ev keeps setting the bar. EV if you see this keep up the good work. Im stoked on the next release you drop, weatherman!!!!!!!!!

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