Curly Castro – Eulogy to L (produced by Zilla Rocca).

When I was in middle school (early 00s), my friend once took me and a bunch of other kids to Benihana in Manhasset, NY for his birthday. I know, very baller. After dinner, one of us noticed LL Cool J was sitting at a table with his family. He noticed us whispering and staring at him and he waved at us. We all went over and got his autograph.

It’s a good thing Curly Castro wasn’t there. He calls “Eulogy to L” “my lament of the former existence of one of our stalwart emcees, turned media spectacle and glittery popstar.” ML BFF Zilla Rocca on the beat. Winston’s Appeal drops January 28.

And here’s the only Philly posse cut you’ll ever need.

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  1. nickrosenberg

    love this eulogy to l joint. btw – my wife had a birthday party when she was a kid at that benihana.

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