Monthly Archives: January 2011

Versis – The Journey, Video.

Let’s count the artsy cliches in the new video from Versis: 1.  black and white cityscape 2.  walking down the street in the rain 3.  not looking at the camera while rapping. But who cares? The dapper visuals for “The Journey” suit Dibia$e’s ritzy beat perfectly and film noir is..

Ben Westbeech – Slowly.

British singer, DJ, producer Ben Westbeech has a great new single. “Slowly” is smooth and creamy with house drums and subtle synths that keep it exciting. Ben’s floaty vocals seal the deal. His sophomore album There’s More To Life Than This due out in April. You can download “Slowly” at..

Jaylib – Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme).

It’s hard to overstate what this track means for rap nerds. Unreleased material from the prolific Madlib isn’t all that surprising. But Jaylib? This deserves to be auctioned off in London with Fabergé eggs and Napoleon’s golf clubs. Jeff points us to the sample, The Meters’ “Handclapping Song.” Madlib Medicine..

Snoop Dogg – Gangbang Rookie (ft. Pilot) (produced by Jake One).

I was going to post Snoop’s last joint “El Lay,” but it wasn’t gangster enough to compensate for his Katy Perry placement. That shit was offensive. However, I’m very comfortable with “Gangbang Rookie.” Whoever decided to include clips from Snoop’s Larry King interview, bravo. Also, Jake One says it’s Battlecat..

MDNR – Cut Me Out.

I’ve been craving more MNDR since I heard her and Q-Tip make magic on “Bang Bang Bang.” Actually, I really caught the bug when I saw her on Letterman. Regardless, homegirl hits the electropop sweet spot. “Cut Me Out” is rhythmic, melodic and buzzing without all the cheese. Can’t wait..

Blood Bros – Heaven 2 Hell, Mix.

Train! Fight! Die?! DJA and Dirty South Joe have distilled the essence of motivation and physical and mental exertion into musical form. The product of their labor is Heaven 2 Hell, their second 80s action soundtrack mix. As with any action sequel, the stakes are higher and the danger level..

Chico – 6 Year Grudge.

Giiiiirl, I heard Chico was outta jail now. Mmm mmm mmm. I know, girl. Have you seen him? I heard he doing his thing. It’s true. Paper Route Recordz’ new artist Chico is fresh off six years in federal prison and yes, he doing his thing. The rap promo handbook..