Stray Phrases Performing J Dilla’s Donuts (2/3/11) @ The Tea Lounge, Brooklyn.

Unless you were one of the few dozen deadbeats who happened to be at The Local 269 on October 17, you missed a very special show. A jazz trio called Stray Phrases played J Dilla’s Donuts live in its entirety. Yep, you missed out on history, but they’re doing it again next week.

Stray Phrases consists of Storm Siegel on drums, Dave Mainella on piano, and Evan Crane on bass. Come to the Tea Lounge on 837 Union St. in Brooklyn at 10:30 and watch these guys get busy. Now that you’ve heard the full recording of their set, you know that missing it a second time would be unforgivable.

I will be in the house, so if you’d like to say hi, look for the guy stealing silverware.

Salute Joshua Gross for the beautiful poster.

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  1. JahWise

    In October of last year, the trio played their rendition of Donuts at a small bar in NYC- a performance that was more popular online thanks to a recording posted by the good folks at Metal Lungies. With the recent online buzz and Dilla’s anniversary approaching, the group held an encore show? and masterfully interpreted the album once again. There are countless Dilla tributes, but trust us when we say Stray Phrases’ is head over heels above the rest and is well worth your time. ATWL is proud to offer our recording of the entire set.

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