Skream vs. 112 – Sublemonavailable (Son Raw Mashup).

In the Long Island suburban haven of my childhood, there is a large Jewish community. This meant that in the Summer of 2001, I went to at least one bar-mitzvah every week. These parties all had the same exact faces, the same kosher caterer, and the same spiky-haired DJ. This guy had bar-mitzvahs down to a science. He knew exactly what we wanted to hear and nothing stirred up the preteen horny like 112. We sang “Peaches & Cream” word for word and we all clapped it up on “Dance with Me” when Q, Daron, and Mike sang, “If you’re sexy and you know it, clap your hands.” I was all about the Beanie Siegel remix of “Dance with Me” and I still have Jay-Z’s verse on the “Peaches” remix memorized.

As you can imagine, Son Raw’s expert mashup of Skream and 112 hits me in a special place. This takes me back to long hot nights of gelled back hair and virgin pina coladas.

Download: Skream vs. 112 – Sublemonavailable (Son Raw Mashup)

via Passion of the Weiss

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