Torae – Heart Failure Mixtape.

Heart Failure wouldn’t work if Torae didn’t have a sense of humor. His Valentines Day mixtape is all about rapper-specific relationship issues:  ‘Why are you coming home at 3:30 in the morning?’ ‘You have to go on tour again?’ and of course ‘Who are those groupie bitches?’ Remember, this was the guy who was at the forefront of the boom bap revival in 2009 with an album called Double Barrel (that means guns).

It’s an homage to the “for the ladies” tracks that show up halfway through an album when the rapper thinks it’s safe to show you his sensitive side. It’s way more Hot 97 than you’re used to from Torae, but it’s still sample-based production and a vintage flow. The previously mentioned “Let It Go” is a favorite.

Here are some photos from the release party, including a shot of yours truly. I’m one of the white people.

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